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Blemish Stick

This award-winning product is the ultimate in blemish control. With the help of Witch Hazel, it helps to break down excess oils in just one use and fights the bacteria that causes spots. 

Directions: Dab on as often as required when blemishes first appear.

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28th September 2015, I've been using your Blemish stick for at least 20 years. Kills those zits! I still get them at 39 - Lucy Zelazowski
16th September 2015, The blemish stick is great and works really well. Love it - Katy C Johnston
16th September 2015, I love the blemish stick. It does wonders for my skin! Be gone face demons!! - Ellie Lucas
15th September 2015, Spot brewing? The Blemish Stick is just magic - feel it tingle and you'll sparkle! - Lisa L
14th September 2015, The Witch Blemish Stick works wonders - Teg
12th August 2015, I will always be blemish free with my Witch Stick - Paula
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